ALevelsDepThe Advanced Level Department teaches the Caribbean Advanced Proficieny Examination (CAPE) subjects.  CAPE is the CXC equivalent of Cambridge Advanced Level Examination, and is recognised as such nationally, regionally and internationally.  Students registered in the Advanced Level Department will take CAPE subjects except for Art, Government and Politics.


6 CSEC passes at General Proficiency with Grades 1, 2 or 3 including English A and Mathematics OR 7 CSEC passes including English A

The ability to study for a particular subject in this Department is further dependent on having the prerequisite pass at CSEC in that subject area and on approved subject combinations based on area of study; i.e. Humanities, Social Sciences or Science and Technology.

(The college reserves the right to adjust its fees without notice)

201718 Application period has ended
Full Programme (Base Fee): XCD$2,100.00
Yr 1: XCD$ 800.00
Yr 2: XCD$1,300.00(Includes graduation fee)
Additional: Lab Fees: XCD$150.00 for each science subject taken

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