Over its years, the College has provided a bridge between school and the world of work, between school and further education to thousands.  National and regional students have reaped the benefits of an institution committed to nurturing potential and to empowering students by equipping them with the skills to be successful.  Despite the challenges of meager resources, the college, following the vision of Dr. Sir Alister Francis, has sought to give its students an opportunity.  Many students have embraced that opportunity and the college maintains a sense of pride in being part of their varied accomplishments.

It is our hope that this medium in its ability to reach a wide audience might bring about, among more ASC graduates, a re-connection with this alma mater. We invite you to send us updated contact information and to share your accomplishments with fellow alumni and lecturers as we seek to make the alumni information on this page an avenue for presenting the best of you and a source of inspiration to those who follow in your footsteps.

We use this opportunity to issue a clarion call for alumni to organize and act now to transform our alma mater into an institution that will bear the mark of our innovative approaches to the current challenges; preparing it to take our children further than it took us.  Explore how you can help.


Organise.  Act.  Transform.