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We offer you a choice of two qualifications.  With the requistie entry requirements you can choose to pursue either an Associate Degree or a Certificate in Business as a full-time student following the day schedule.   The Associate Degree can also be pursued on a part-time basis in our Evening Programme designed specifically for mature students.  The fee structure currently differs based on whether you are a full or part-time student.

The Department of Business aspires to have its programme offerings provide stimulation for entrepreneurial spirit and become synonymous with innovation, excellence and effectiveness as the Department takes a key role in generating human capital that is able to the raise the local and regional economy to the requisite level of global competitiveness.

Programmes Offered:  There are currently four (4) areas of study for the Associate Degree and two (2) for the Certificate in Business.  For both qualifications students must complete a core set of courses in addition to those in their particular area of concentration.  Students must successfully complete 26 courses in the Associate Degree programme and 12 courses in the Certificate programme in order to qualify for graduation.  Follow the links below to see the relevant course lists.

Associate Degree in AccountingCertificate in Business – Accounting Concentration
Associate Degree in Business AdministrationCertificate in Business – Administrative Assistant Concentration
Associate Degree in International Business
Associate Degree in Marketing


A minimum of 5 passes at CSEC General Proficiency Grades 1, 2, 3  including English A and Mathematics or mature student entry for students who are 24 years or older and employed in a business related position.

The college reserves the right to adjust its fees without notice.

201718 Application period has ended
Full Programme (Day): XCD$2,400.00
Yr 1: XCD$1200.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)
Yr 2: XCD$1200.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)
201718 Application period has ended
Full Programme (Evening): $10,500 (includes graduation fee)
XCD$400 per course. Evening Students choose the number of courses which they can afford to carry in a semester. To complete the programme on time however, a minimum of 3 courses is normally required.

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