EngineeringDepartmentThe Engineering Department at the Antigua State College is separated into two sections, representing the dual nature of the engineering discipline.

The Engineering Design Section focuses on the theoretical/design aspect of engineering preparing students for further study at University Level.  Students in this section will pursue CXC CAPE Associate Degrees.

The Enginnering Practice Section, as its name suggests, will focus on the practical and technical character of the discipline, giving the students strong vocational training.  Students in this section will be prepared for employment and entrepreneurship with an accredited BTEC qualification.


Aircraft Maintenance Technician Programme

Candidates must have completed a high school education and earned passes in English A, Mathematics and a Science subject OR a Technical subject.

Students over 24 years who do not meet the academic requirements may be considered on an individual basis, based on the Mature Student policy.

All students are required to submit an essay indicating their reason (s) for applying for the AME course along with a  recent police record.


BTEC Nationals 

At least 5 CXC, (CSEC General Proficiency) passes including:

  • Mathematics and English

And any THREE of the following:

  • Physics
  • Integrated Science
    Building Technology
  • Technical Drawing
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Electrical Technology


Technical Studies (CXC CAPE Associate Degree in Industrial Technology)

Compulsory CXC passes in : Mathematics, English,Technical Drawing, (or Building Technology), Electrical Technology

And TWO of the following:

  • Physics
  • Mechanical Technology
  • Information Technology


BTEC and Technical Studies Brochure

201718 Application period has ended
BTEC Full Programme (Base Fee): XCD$4,800.00
Yr 1: XCD$2.400.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)
Yr 2: XCD$2,400.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)

Technical Studies Full Programme (Base Fee): XCD$2,100.00
Yr 1: XCD$1,200.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)
Yr 2: XCD$1,200.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)
*Additional: Lab Fees: XCD$150.00 if Physics is taken

Aircraft Maintenance Brochure

201718 Application period has ended
Aircraft Maintenance Full Programme (Base Fee): XCD$20,000.00
Yr 1: XCD$10,000.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)
Yr 2: XCD$10,000.00 (Includes half of the graduation fee)

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